September 2014

Doctor checking blood pressureDid you know that high blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions in the world? Almost one billion people – about one in seven – are affected by high or elevated blood pressure levels that significantly increase their health risks.

High blood pressure is truly a global problem, and treating it required a worldwide effort to change habits, learn more about the causes of high blood pressure and take treatment seriously.

High blood pressure’s worldwide coverage

Unlike many transmittable diseases, which spread in developing countries but are largely not an issue in the developed world, high blood pressure is a condition that is truly global in its distribution.

In fact, people in the developed world often suffer from high blood pressure at rates far greater than those found in the developing world. In Poland, an astonishing 68.9 per cent of men and 72.5% of women have higher-than-normal blood pressure.

Treating a worldwide health problem

While many health conditions can be eradicated with medication alone, high blood pressure is often best treated with a combination of medication and changes to the person’s lifestyle, diet and activity level.

Because of this, it’s a health condition that can inspire global change to people’s diet habits and focus on exercise. Every year, high blood pressure is a wake-up call to an incredible number of people that they need to pay more attention to their health.

An increasing problem for children

Over the last 20 years, rates of high blood pressure in children have increased. New data from the United States shows that an increasing number of children have high blood pressure due to the growing obesity problem in many countries.

Since high blood pressure can happen early in life, it’s important to start changing our habits to prevent it as early as possible. From diet to exercise, habits learned as children tend to continue throughout life and keep blood pressure levels normal.

Green pea podsChanging your diet is one of the best ways to combat prehypertension or high blood pressure. By eating less of high-fat, high-sodium foods and eating a diet that’s rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you can significantly lower your blood pressure.

Need help finding tasty and healthy foods to eat that will have a good effect on your blood pressure score? In this blog post, we’ll share seven foods that you can eat to lower your blood pressure and improve your health.


Spinach isn’t just the ideal food for Popeye. This nutrient-packed vegetable is high in both fibre and essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium, which are closely correlated with healthy blood pressure.


From lima beans to pinto beans, beans in general are fantastic additions to your diet if you’re interested in lowering your blood pressure. Just make sure to avoid canned beans, which often contain added sodium.


Potatoes are a wonderful natural carbohydrate source that are easy to prepare and delicious. Replace breads, rice and other carbohydrates with potatoes. Ensure you bake or boil your potatoes to avoid adding fat, and don’t sprinkle on any salt.


Like sweet foods? Instead of eating sugar-filled candy or fatty milk chocolate, make berries your sweet food of choice. Blueberries and raspberries contain special types of compounds called flavonoids, which are proven to lower blood pressure.

Skim Milk

Milk is a wonderful source of protein and calcium, but it’s also high in fat and a poor choice for people with high blood pressure. Replace whole milk with skim milk and you’ll get the same serving of protein and calcium with none of the saturated fat.


Need to add substance to your meals? Instead of adding extra carbohydrates, meat or fatty sauces, add a leafy salad. Leafy greens like lettuce are high in potassium and help keep your blood pressure at a healthy level, as well as containing few calories.


Making a fat-free, healthy breakfast is tough. Porridge is a wonderful choice for your breakfast that’s completely healthy and fat-free. Not only does porridge reduce your blood pressure levels; it also offer a long-term energy source for your morning.

September 2014

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